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Digital Artwork: How to Get the Best Print

Every image on this site is also offered as a download - should you choose to print it at home and have it instantly, or with your own preferred print shop. We do of course suggest that you print with us, as we've worked with our network of printers to streamline and standardize the prints we create. Prints without a frame start at only $20, while a framed print starts at $40. (And don't forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter in the footer of this page, or follow @riverroadprintshop - for exclusive discounts!)

When you purchase a download, you will automatically be emailed a link to the full size image with no border to your registered email address. Remember to save your file as soon as possible. If the link does expire, reach out so that I can resend you the file. Each image has already been optimized for printing, but there are a few additional steps you can take to ensure the best possible results. 

Other Printers

While there are a wide variety of online printers - our favorite is Artifact Uprising. They create gorgeous, consistent prints and gifts on high quality recycled paper, with sturdy protective packaging.

There are many other printers, that vary in price, quality and product offerings including Framebridge, Mpix, and Shutterfly to name just a few. Local photo labs and printers can be a fantastic option as well for custom work. Use a printer that you trust, ideally one that you've worked with before.

Printing at Home

Before we begin, keep in mind that monitors and mobile screens vary greatly, as do printers and papers. The print that you create at home may not exactly duplicate the colors and tones that you see on your screen. There are a few steps you should take before you dive into printing at home, to aim for the best results. 

Select Your Frame

I personally prefer to choose my frame before I make a print. Especially when you want to use a vintage, antique or secondhand print, it's easier to fit the print to the frame rather than vice versa. Aside from thrift stores, antique shops, yard sales, and your local Buy Nothing group, you can find secondhand frames at Etsy. If you're shopping for a new frame, check out Target, Ikea, CB2, Pottery Barn, and All Modern.

Choose Your Paper

A heavier weight paper is ideal for art prints since so much ink is added to create the image. Often, a standard weight printer paper may buckle when it gets saturated with ink. Experimenting with watercolor paper and other textures can give you different results as well. Having the paper in the final size that you want before printing makes for a much easier framing experience too. If the paper you want to use is not already in the correct final size, use a ruler, t-square, and X -Acto knife on a self-healing mat to get the best sharp, square results.

Fill Your Ink

Make sure that your ink cartridges are full. It's best to print full-color artwork when all ink colors are fully topped up with fresh cartridges to ensure you get the most accurate print.

Clean and Clear Your Space

There's nothing worse that getting a gorgeous print, and then accidentally getting a spot of water or coffee on it. I even recommend making sure that you print on a day when you aren't wearing nail polish. Red nail polish (or another dark color) can mark up and ruin a print so quickly. 

Print Your Artwork and Frame 

Using your printer dialog, define your page size, orientation and settings. Our downloads do not include the white border that are shown in our examples. Add this yourself or reach out and I will add a border for you and email back the file. Then print your art! Add it to your chosen frame and find the perfect place on your wall, or wrap it up as a thoughtful gift. 

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