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The List No. 004 - Welcoming Fall

Fall is certainly going to mean some new things to us this year. We’ll be closing on our new house, and getting our current house ready to get put on the market as a rental. Oh and of course we will be moving, and working and keeping our little guy happy. Eep! We are buckling up for yet another sprint in our lives.

All the same, I really do love the change of seasons as a chance to change things up at home. While 100% of our budget is focused on the move for now, I have a great list for bringing Fall vibes into your domain. Let’s get started!

Fire Up the Fall Candles

Listen folks, you can call me cheugy or basic or whatever you want. But I keep my heart open for small and inexpensive things that bring me joy. And if it’s consumable, that’s even better. A Fall candle fits that bill to a tee - a tiny luxury, burned often to say “I cleaned the house” or “I wish my house was clean but I need to relax!” Ha!

I am not one for candles that smell like food - so for Fall I stay away from the pumpkins and the apples. Instead, I prefer deep foresty scents and musks and fresh citruses. I can even get down with a complex spice as long as there is absolutely zero sweetness or vanilla. Add in some palo santo or sage on occasion. Or diffuse a bit of clove. Ahhhh, almost feels like you could turn off the AC, right? I'm thinking either this Oud Wood & Lemon Flower (1) or this Pine, Orange, Cinnamon, and Fir Candle (2) would fit the bill (both Made in the USA)!

Try out a New Fall Recipe

My aunt Joan always made us Ginger Crinkles when I was little, and the smell and taste and chewiness always remind me of Fall - and going to my cousin’s football games at the high school. We all have kids of our own now, but I get sent photos of his son playing football now.

I can’t wait to fire up my oven without fear of turning my kitchen into a boiler room, even opening up the windows to get a crisp breeze. I love making an apple pie or crumble to make the most of the season. I’m also loving the simplicity of using the crockpot lately - and ready to try out this pizza recipe. So I can’t wait to try out some new soup and chili recipes, and for sure a pot roast like my grandmother used to make.  My favorite places to find accessible recipes are Half Baked Harvest and Real Simple. I'm ready to get a new recipe box like this gorgeous wood one (3), and finally get mine organized.

Get Your Fall Pillows & Throws & Sweaters Ready to Go

We have a cozy Fall throw for our couch. Is it already packed up? I guess I’ll find out within the next month!

I personally love keeping our home on the slightly cooler side in the Fall and Winter. I blame my New England upbringing - where cold weather never meant turning up the thermostat - it meant putting on another sweater. Today I prefer a classic sweatshirt, since I no longer live in the frozen North. Keep your heating costs low, and cozy up on your Fall perch with a book in a cozy sweatshirt (4) or sweater. I personally love a cotton blanket (5), and these beauties made in western North Carolina are named after the parks in the area.

Embrace Natural Decorations

I’ve seen this debate rage on when it comes to decor - is reusable man-made or natural botanical decor more sustainable and better for the planet? This is in terms of things like flowers, greenery, and Christmas trees. And here’s what I’ve decided works for us for right now.

If I want man-made seasonal decor, botanicals, or greenery, I look to Facebook Marketplace, Buy Nothing, thrift stores, and friends. Every thrift store is packed with Halloween, Fall, and Christmas decor. Take a few stops, and you can fully decorate your home. I still have faux wreaths and garlands that family members have given me ages ago.

If I am looking for something very specific that I want to buy new, I like to make sure that I will be able to repair it, clean it, and that it’s made of materials that will stand the test of time. Like an artificial wreath that I can update and rework every year.

Otherwise, choosing seasonal decor made of natural materials - like fresh or dried greenery and flowers, and natural/biodegradable materials, is way better for the planet. You can even go on to find a farm or sanctuary where you can treat some local pigs to your un-carved and un-painted pumpkins and squashes. It’s a great reminder that most of the decor and traditions we carry on have natural and agricultural roots. 

Do you have any beloved Fall traditions? What are your favorite things to do in this season?

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